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What are we doing? 我们是做什么产品的?

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Industry plan 行业计划
What equipment do we use to do it? 我们用什么设备来做?
What testing equipment do we use? 我们用什么检测设备?
Which customers are working with us? 有哪些客户与我们合作?
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Jinggong Hardware Products Factory Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1991, Jinggong Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the development of precision metal molds, the production of precision metal stamping structural parts, the production of machined structural parts, and the advancement of the times. The company has an excellent mold design and production team. Can provide customers with the best design of the hardware structure. It has introduced ISO9001 and IATF16949 quality management systems successively, and the efficient and accurate service has won the unanimous approval of customers. Products cover metal stamping, hardware machining built-in structural parts and cabinet exterior parts. Used in automotive, mobile phones, notebook computers, speakers, power tools, backlight modules and other electronic and electrical products. Mold type: single punching die, continuous die, single punch manipulator connection production mold, continuous die tapping and other machining integration complex mold. Business philosophy: precision and truth-seeking, integrity and integrity, and achieve customers.···
Quality control 品质管控
随着工业4.0浪潮袭来,机器视觉会解脱最初“辅助工具”的位置,成为生产系统的“眼睛”与“大脑”,目前机器视觉在兴旺国家早已开展成熟,行业进入稳定增长期。 目前全球机器视觉市场规模在45-70亿美元之间:2016年全球机器视觉市场规模约为62亿美元,2002-2016年市场年均复合增长率为12%左右;2015年全球机器视觉系统及部件市场规模是42亿美元,2016年这一数字约为46亿美元,2017年,全球机器视觉系统及部件市场规模抵达50亿美元。
With the advancement of artificial intelligence, sensors and other technologies, the application of robots has begun to move from industrial scenes to mass life, such as commercial establishments, family communities, hospitals, etc., and more and more into the fields of people's work and life.
Since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China's economic growth has entered a new normal, and the economic growth rate has shown a gradual decline. In 2015, the official promulgation of "Made in China 2025" means that the "Made in China" strategic upgrade in the next 10 years has been put on the agenda. The document clearly pointed out that we should vigorously develop a new generation of key industries such as information and aerospace, and gradually promote the development of China's manufacturing industry to service-oriented and service-oriented industries.
In October 2010, the State Council listed high-end equipment as one of the seven emerging industries in the “Decision to Accelerate the Cultivation and Development of Strategic Emerging Industries” and defined five high-end equipment areas: aerospace, satellite and applications. Industry, marine engineering, rail transit equipment, intelligent equipment.
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Mobile phone:13712968188

Landline:+86 0769 89252318


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